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    [ INFINITY ADDITIVES & FOOD`s ] soft drink concentrate flavours [ INFINITY PLANT'S & MACHINERY ] We makes a soft drinks and non carbonated drink plants, we are also making a all types of beverages plants and supply a fully and same automatic machinery for soft drink and juice..... : non carbonated drink | automatic machinery | beverages plants | INFINITY PLANT | soft drinks | types | juice Here at Infinity Additives & Foods we are proud developers and suppliers of natural and Natural identical flavouring for a range of manufacturers in the soft drink industry and Beverages. We provide an extensive selection of soft drinks Concentrates Flavours to help you to come up with the most refreshing and varied drinks flavours possible. We understand that finding affordable ingredients without compromising on the quality can be difficult, as you want to be able to include high-end ingredients in your drinks without having to increase the overall product price, which is where we can help. All of our soft drink flavours have natural and natural identicals sources, so you can be sure of their quality; with our competitive prices you can keep your manufacturing costs down, and improve your margins : Natural identical flavouring | natural identicals sources | Infinity Additives Foods | affordable ingredients | varied drinks flavours | overall product price | soft drink flavours | highend ingredients | soft drink industry | extensive selection | manufacturing costs | competitive prices | proud developers | soft drinks | suppliers | quality | margins | range We offer our clients in varied flavors and quantities, our collection of Synthetic Soft Drink Concentrates (Emulsion) lies in adherence to the acceptable food industry norms. All above products are used in beverages like soft drink, ice lollies, fruit based beverage industries both aerated & non-aerated and can be availed by our clients. These concentrates are harmless in terms of color or preservatives and can be obtained by our clients...: : Soft Drink Concentrates | fruit based beverage | food industry norms | drink ice lollies | varied flavors | preservatives | collection | quantities | industries | Synthetic | adherence | beverages | products | Emulsion | clients | terms ===Our products=== -Orange, -Lemon, -Pineapple, -Kala Khatta, -Mango, -Cola, -Pepio (Mix Fruit, ) -Fruit Beer, -Shahi Gulab, -Clear Lemon, -Jaljeera, -Clear Jaljeera, And more.then 36.......................................................................................................... We have in store for our clients, a quality approved range of Concentrated Soft Drinks (Emulsions) that are widely used in the food and beverage industry. These concentrates are harmless in terms of color or preservatives and can be obtained by our clients in the following flavors: • Cola • Masala soda • Pista • Rooh afza • Tonovin • Vimto and many more then 36 soft drink & beverages flavour. Infinity Additives & Foods is Manufacturing Various types of Soft Drinks Flavours like Orange, Cola, Clear Lemon, Jeera Masala, Pineapple, Mix Fruits, etc with unique test. Our Products are highly used in Soft Drinks And Beverages industries over the World. Our Natural and Natural identical product given refreshment after using Soft Drinks and Beverages Soft drinks for hire. Cleans Your Floor Without Soft drinks. Soft drinks when you need results. Soft drinks on the outside, tasty on the inside. Big Chocolate Soft drinks. 1 Soft drinks Soft drinks 1 Soft drinks = 2 Soft drinks A Soft drinks Is Forever. Let Your Soft drinks Do The Walking. Soft drinks for when it's quitting time. Fast Soft drinks and Good for You. Where's your Soft drinks? 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